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Last Update: July 27, 2014

The article I read about the marketing. Sound so simple and interesting, so I think that is the best way to get customers to our website. I like to sharing with my friends in the WA.

It struck me some time before I realized that marketing was such an important component of my job and to be able to manage it in a manner that made me feel safe and give my prospective clients a way to work with me that both of us felt excited about without any resistance on either position.

This was regard to marketing. I've since moved on to actually love marketing though now I just call it connecting because that's what it's all about really.

The three steps to more clients are:

1) Connect - with your customers, your fellow workers, strangers even. Connection is the source of marketing and nothing happens without making that first important connection. If you desire more of the right clients you need to speak to people who may be the right clients or may know of them.

2) Engage - You need to enlist them in ways that are meaningful to them. You need to have a system that keeps them engaged and interested in what you have to offer. What is it that you have that they need to get them to the next level? How will you let them know about this? How and in what way?

3) Make an offer - This is an arena that many buses and service professionals allow to go down through the gaps. They have a prospective client ready to go to the next stage and then they either freeze or have nothing to offer. Ansome source or advice or discount of something, a gratis gift, anything, in fact that you have 'on tap' to offer to anyone who is concerned.

When you have passed step 3 and made your offer, then it's only a matter of following up,. Inviting your prospective client to have a conversation with you (strategy session, discovery session or give it a juicy name) and then asking for the business.

If you follow those 3 stepsyour marketing becomes very simple and doable and the next steps are more organic rather than a struggle. If marketing has been your least favorite thing to do, follow these elementary steps and see how much better you feel about it.

Of course mindset has a deal to do with how we approach anything, but that can be for another stake. For now, simply, connect, engage and make offers; what have you got to lose?

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Great advice! Thank you:)
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Thank you you can see my rank point, I have to do something, even true Kyle doesn't give me any point is OK, because maybe at the WA might like to know some step of marketing
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