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AND NOW FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT ... I've been a bit busy lately and haven't found the time for lessons or even research to add content on my software for home business website, the affiliate site I registered, or even the newest addition to my portfolio - my writing and poetry site. In the meantime, I have joined a writers' support group to try and get back into developing and writing my novels ... o_O ... yes, I said novels - because I`m not the type of person to do anything the easy way.
WITH APOLOGIES TO CHARLES DICKENS. It was the best of ... okay, not really - in short, last night I was asked to come over and keep an eye on James and his friend who were working on a school project, while his mother went out to have a coffee with friends. I arrived and the boys were in the basement - one working on science, and the other working on killing zombies on his PlayStation (apparently they'd switch assignments often). His mother was upstairs watching a stream of a tv show on Ja
THERE ARE OPEN SOURCE OPTIONS AVAILABLE THAT CAN HELP GET YOUR HOME-BASED BUSINESS UP AND RUNNING IN NO TIME I have a tendency to switch operating systems often, and therefore, I have tried many different Linux distributions over the years. My first foray into the world of Linux was installing Red Hat version 3.0.3 Code Named - Picasso. Over the years, as newer variations of Red Hat, and then different forks of the Linux OS emerged, I would install and try them - always searching for my favo
I'M STARTING A HOME-BASED BUSINESS ON A BUDGET - DO I NEED TO USE COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE? There is a misconception in today's marketplace that because you are buying a brand name software product, it has to be good, and certainly better than something that's offered for free. In my opinion, that theory doesn't always hold true. Take Micro$oft Windows for example - because you had to pay $250 for the Pro version, or even the $120 for the family edition, does that make your computer r
Take a slow, deep breath. It's not that bad. Really!! After all, most new computers, laptops or netbooks come with pre-installed software - mind you, the fact that it is usually offered as a thirty-day trial can be just a tad frustrating; if not downright misleading. I mean who isn't going to try out their new 30-day software to see what all the bells and whistles associated with the latest upgrade can do. And that is exactly what the software manufacturers want you to do - so you will upgra
IS SOFTWARE A NECESSITY WHEN YOU START A HOME-BASED BUSINESS? I DON’T KNOW! Well, actually I DO know – my answer would be YES – unless you prefer to keep all your receipts in a shoe box under your bed and hand them to your accountant come tax time. The simple answer is that if only to track your income and expenses for your home-based business, a computer program is the easiest form of tracking all those numbers. Other than that shoe box, of course! But the box-stuffed-with-receipts app