Have you ever lost your motivation after a big loss?

Last Update: April 23, 2016

It is no secret that everybody have had a big loss in his/her life at least once. It had happen to me too, and is not easy to get the motivation to continue, stand up and start everything again.. there's simply no motivation to it, right?

In the online marketing world is even harder to have back a routine, in this world where you are your own boss, decide your work times and all you do, you have to do it by your own, finding a light inside you again cannot be easy.

Having a big loss like losing a child, a parent, a friend or even your pet, drags you into a hole where you no longer find a way out, spend a lot of time regretting about why that happend, what you didn't do, what you said and not said, and all kind of questions that crosses into our heads per minute, provoque our own emotional and mental destruction.

Someone told me that the hearth was not created to think, and the brain was not created to feel, so it is imperative to give every part of you the piece of work they need to be doing.

In this kind of situations, when you feel you have nothing, feel lonely, anger, and all that bad feelings you get, as soon as a tragedy occurs, goes to your mind and heart blocking you, and making you forget your passion, your life and your world, driving you to start self-destructive vices like drinking, smoking, do drugs, etc. Is the right moment to stop everything you're doing, take a long deep breath, and let all the pain go away; it is the perfect moment for you to be aware that you're still alive, and nothing is gonna change what has already happen, that is a blessing for a lot of people you are still here, that is a blessing that you're still breathing, and you have a new chance every single day that God gives you as a gift.

It is the precise moment to force you to stand up, take the first step and keep going with your life, with the mission you were created to, because that's the better and most fullfilling way to honor those who are not in this world with us anymore.

Nobody says, this is gonna be an easy and fast process, but giving the first step as i'm doing right now, will strenghten and heal with the passing days.

Is not about forget, is about knowing and acknowledge that everything happens for a reason, and if you're still here and breath, you still have the chance to become the person you were born to be.

*Shit happens, but it did not stop Forrest Gump on his journey* :)

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Mstlynn Premium
Hi Juliana, I love what you wrote. You hit everything right on. I have lost both my parent in the past 6 years, and just finished battling breast cancer for the second time. I try every day to make the most of it, as hard as it is most days. I love this site as it does give me motivation….I just need to get more to completely get over my hump. Thank you for reminding me just how precious life is and that I do have some purpose….I just need to realize what it is. Have a nice day!
1nanna Premium
Hi Terri, Thank you so much for your words, you are a life warrior indeed, and i'm really happy that this post reminded you the value of life, i feel proud of how strong you are, it gives me strenght to keep hustling, and keep fighting, is not easy but trust me, we both will get through this! Have a nice day!