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Last Update: November 13, 2014

I can't believe that 5 days ago I didn't have a clue about building a website. Now I have a fully functional website that appears on the first page of google with a lot of "Key word searches"

So in less than a week I have a website which is on its way to popularity.

One thing that I am desperately wanting to learn is how to partner up with Amazon and other websites to earn commission. That hasn't been covered in the training yet.

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliates is the assistance you receive from fellow members.

I've never before experienced a community of people helping each other out toward one main objective. Self Employment!

Thank you everyone at Wealthy Affiliates for the help thus far and I'm looking forward to the future ahead.


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Kays Premium
Great website, full of great info. Well done. :)
Rawb Premium
Way to go man! That's pretty awesome for 5 days. Keep pushing forward buddy!
Kathy331 Premium
Yes, it's a great place! Be patient and follow the training, you'll get to the "monetizing your site" bit soon! :)