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Word Press Challenge. It has been a long road of reading and re-reading tutorials and trying new themes on my Word Press Site to get the Home Page printed. Finally succeeded! I have the plug ins installed (I think). Not sure about widgets yet. Now I am focused on putting content on the site and look for affiliate programs. I would also like to put the WAU affiliage program on the site but not sure how to do this yet. Any advice? The learning curve is a steep one for me. The tutorials an
I have been stuck on my Word Press Express site. I asked for help and got a lot of good suggestions. Then The Helpful Dude published his WordPress Guide and gave a detailed, step by step process from the very beginning. Turns out, my error was the very first step in creating a "add pages" and then choose Settings>Reading>static pages! On my way now. If you are stuck, try reading that guide!