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Thank you for visiting my personal profile page. I was born with a severe hearing loss that was not confirmed until my sixth birthday. At that time in the 1950s, hearing aids were cumbersome instruments worn on the body with flashlight batteries to power them. Then Zenith used the new transistors to make a body aid about the size of today’s iPod. I didn’t have spoken language until the hearing aid. At that time, no support was offered at school so my parents were my tutors.

I am a walking history example of the evolution of hearing aids. I went to two behind the ear aids, then to behind-the-ear hearing aids, then to completely in the canal hearing aids utilizing the new digital technology, and finally to a Cochlear Implant.

I heard sounds I never heard before and drove my wife, friends, and co-workers crazy identifying the sounds they took for granted. Crickets, birds, tree frogs, creak in the floor, sounds of traffic and lawn equipment, etc. My speech improved and I could listen to a book or public speaker with pleasure, not with exhausting work trying to listen.

The Cochlear Implant came just in time to offset the effects of blindness. Today, I am using visual aids and computer technology to write and read documents.

I began my professional career as a Clinical Audiologist and also earned a MBA. I served as a healthcare administrator for 18 years and returned to Audiology to run a non-profit speech and hearing center. We raised money during difficult economic times and survived the recession. I decided to retire and become a consultant. Today, I am a free-lanced Grant Writer for several small faith-based non-profits.

I discovered I enjoy writing and began looking to develop a hobby website and see if there is a way to monetize it. Article marketing is another interest I am pursuing. That is why I joined WA to learn the system.

I am happily married and live with my wife, the love of my life, Mary, and Yorkie-Po dog (Molly) in Florida. We are active in our church and help to support several Christian Ministries.

To celebrate my personal philosophy, Mary gave me a plaque with Winston Churchill’s quote to the graduating class at Oxford University:

Never Give Up
Never Give Up
Never Give Up

Good Advice! Keep in touch! Bill Hall
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GaiC Premium
Welcome to WA. I will look forward to connecting with you here. I would suggest looking at Jay's WAbinars, looking through the training modules and the 30 success club as a place to start. If I can help in anyway please shout out. Gai
williamhall Premium
Thanks for the suggestion to look a Jay's WAbinars. I will do that today. I am working my way through the 30 day success but stuck on getting the website up. Cannot seem to get the home page published. Not sure what I am doing wrong.
ECAffiliates Premium
hello williamhall, Glad you have discovered this wonderful online community. Hope you get a chance to work through the First 10 Days, this really gives you basic understanding. Best of Luck!
williamhall Premium
Thanks for the encouragement. I did the overview of the first ten days but stuck on the website. Will keep trying.
BBrownell Premium
Bill, your story is so touching. Thank you for sharing. I hope the best to you with your website and that your wife enjoys the jewelry making and wire wrapping. Thanks for the follow.
ronamo Premium
Hi and welcome to WA. All of us here at WA are glad to have you with us and are ready to help you in any way we can. Follow the recommended training and you will succeed. It wont happen overnight, but it will happen. It takes time and commitment.
With that said, I want to thank you for the follow.
williamhall Premium
Thanks for the encouragement. Getting the hang of this community and responding to the comments. Working on the training modules now.
jwall162 Premium
Welcome to WA I wish you the best success her at WA and your enviers on line.if you need any help & I can help please private message me I do not claim to know it all but I have ways of finding the info.Also thank you for the following my WA Blog.
Jim Wall (AKA nightowlpc)
williamhall Premium
Thank you for the encourgment. I just now figured out how to reply. Working on the website now. May take you up on the help offer. Thanks for follow.