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I am trying to register with Amazon Affiliate Program and everything is going perfectly fine. But when I get to reach the verification stage where I need to input a phone number, an error message saying they can't proceed in the verification process. They can't reach my number. How is this even possible? Is using a mobile phone not allowed? Do they need a landline? I've been trying to register for like ages now.Why is Amazon Affiliate Program behaving this way? Anyone who has the same experienc
July 31, 2019
Yeah, it's not google but getting on page 3 of bing is already fine for now. Haha... Just so happy about it and thought sharing.
I just started to set-up my auto ads yesterday and I am already seeing a dollar and a few pennies in my dashboard. Lol. This is encouraging. I need to focus more on increasing my site traffic.Gotta do some new write-up this weekend. Currently, I can't focus on my blog on a daily basis. But I am believing, it will be better soon.Thank you to all WA community members who are helpful along the way.
This is why I enjoy this community. People share their experiences so that others will learn. Encouraging each other to stay focused and positive. Went on the wrong way? Get back up and keep on pressing forward!Grateful for all the people here.“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt
I just received a notification that someone subscribed on my blog. My first! The feeling! Lol... I hope more subscribers will keep on coming! :)I love how I am getting pumped up and continue what I have started.On the process of preparing my next post.
If everything seems unbearable, stop and rest. Just float and let life lead you for a moment. Then come back stronger, ready to fight back and win the game!
June 20, 2019
I still consider myself as newbie blogger even if I own another travel blog which I only did to kill time. It came to a point that I stopped blogging literally for many years.Now, I am trying to revive blogging and this time on a more serious level. Anyone can blog but the difference with WA is you have a step by step guide to follow to ensure success.I know it is not a magic pill that when I wake up after a few days from joining, I already have a massive following and a thriving business. Bein