I am building a membership site and understand that this is not allowed on WA, so I want to transfer that site to other hosting. Any ideas on which hosting is the best - to get a fast working site and support- for a membership site and how to transfer? (I think through namecheap and then changing dns settings, but is that all there's to it?)

At the moment I'm using the buddypress plugin combined with s2 member, this is the only combination I could find for free that does everything I want. I read somewhere that buddypress is very slow, any ideas on good alternatives?

Thanks in advance!

Reaction of support ticket from WA on a particular issue on this membership site:

Website Help about 11 hours ago

We have noticed that you are using Membership plugins, WA does not allow membership plugins.

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stn67 Premium
I Cant see Way you couldn host it Here. I Think if We want We also be able to create website whit joomla. Your host is a database as Well, dont know im not on that lever jet
Trialynn Premium
I really like BlueHost because of their human2human contact. Support is wonderful, even for people who are new to the world of hosting. Whatever answers you get, make sure that your support team is there for you as humans, and on the phone. Live chat is great, but not when you do not understand something!
Amy Premium
Thanks for the advice! I'll go check it out
nomda ploom Premium
Hmm, all hosts have their advocates and detractors, the majors are all pretty much of a muchness, IMO..
kevinmj Premium
I use namecheap to buy urls and then host my sites on Hostgator.

Hostgator are pretty reliable and offer good support although I am as yet to build a membership site.

crp2511 Premium
You are not supposed to promote your sites through WA but there are no restrictions as far as I know on what type of sites you create. You pay for hosting here just as you would anywhere else. Maybe others have a different view?
masirois Premium
Yea - I'd be interested to know also. I don't have any current plans for a membership site, but I always like to be informed of the rules before I start heading down a path... :)