I would like to install the WooCommerce plug in but it says I need to update my PHP for my website. Any ideas how to do that?


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megawinner Premium
Hi Alan.
You may try to do the following.
1. Go to your account click the “API Downloads” tab and download the plugin. (However, when you have the basic/free version already installed do deactivate and delete the basic version before installing Premium Version to avoid any conflict.)
2. Then install the downloaded plugin into your WordPress / WooCommerce Site.
3. You will get an Activation Key and Activation Email at My Account (API Keys).
4. Go to your site admin and the Settings page of the plugin and activate it using email and key. All the best.
feigner Premium
you need to get in touch with site support to move your site over to the new servers with the updated php.
click on hte help center and sitesupport and open a ticket
tell them you need the updated php to install woocommerce
they should respond with an offer to upgrade to the new beta servers - accept this and you should be sorted in a couple of hours.
then you will be able to install woocommerce - and have a faster site...
good luck