A couple days ago I was having problem logging into my dashboard and content builder. Sent in support tickets to Wa and thrive where I bought the content builder. Everything seemed fine from their end. I still have another site I can't access. Support on both ends is befuddled to say the least.
This morning searched my site and found a site with this as a prefix:
I'm assuming this is a translation and redirect. A lot has been added that I didn't create.
Anyone see anything like this before?
Is there anything I can do about it? I'm pretty sure this is going to mess with my rankings.
Thanks, Kirk.

Update: virus scan my computer. Nothing found. Doing a deep scan including a back up child theme I built for this. Will be removing plugins after scan and reloading theme Iconic pro. If all this doesn't work will fall back on child theme. This could take a while.

Update 4/5/16: Site is up and running. No viruses or malware found on computer. All plugins are working. Extra site with the prefix (shown above) is no longer showing up. Have some work to do rebuilding content and links on site, but happy to have it back.

Don't know if anything I did helped, but feel better about having extra backups, updated child theme, and a better understanding of site security and process to go through when problem occur.

Thanks for the help.

Of Interest: Originally when I couldn't access dashboard, login page was showing (http:\mysitedomain.com\wp-logmein.php) with a blank screen. Reading up on this in WordPress help, one reason for this is repeated login attempts with incorrect password. This is a safety feature built in.

Now, off to writing more content.

Once again, thanks for the help. Kirk.

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Ivine Premium
Hi, I have tried to log on to your site http://hi.wsdata.co/2016-04-18/ and all I am getting is a 404 error code. Irv.
kjelsvik Premium
Hi Ivine. That was a redirect prefix someone attached to my domain. Problem has been fixed. Thanks for looking in.
MarionBlack Premium
I just got your site's URL off your profile page http://corridorpaintandplaster.com and it takes me to a facebook page instead of your website.

But http://corridorpaintandplaster.com/wp-admin takes me to your login page so you should be able to get in.

So let's try and fix this.

1) Virus scan of your own computer. If you've been hacked then you may have transferred the bug to your website.

2) Deactivate all plugins. If that fixes the problem then activate them one at a time until you find out which one is causing the issue.

3) Change to a generic theme like Twenty Sixteen or Twenty Fifteen. If the malicious script is in your theme then delete your preferred theme and reinstall it as if it was for the first time.

Do let us all know how this is going for you.
kjelsvik Premium
Thanks Marion. I just got in from work and am going through this. It's for another site that I've been working on but haven't made public yet.
MarionBlack Premium
Thanks for the update.
GinaGo Premium
Have you gotten any more info from support? I wonder if Kyle has seen this before. I haven't ever seen this. Frightening this could happen to a WA site. Please keep us updated.
Deb425 Premium
Oh no - that is terrible. I wish I could help but I am not sure what the problem is. The only thing I am wondering is if you have adsense on your blog because I don't trust outside advertising. Also - I would run virus scans and spyware scans. I would say back-up but you may be backing up the problem.
KatieMac Premium
when I click you link above gives me 404 cannot be found, have not seen this before, see if this can be of any help to you

kjelsvik Premium
Thanks Katie. Read through this. Some good information. Bookmarked.