Hi everyone,

1. Please give me your honest opinion on the following.

2. I would like to promote about 50 different ClickBank products, which would fall into about 3 or 4 different categories/niches (Health and Fitness, Home and Garden, Survival, and Parenting and Families).

3. Will it be totally wrong to have just say 4 websites, each with a number of categories as pages at the top, and each page/category to contain a number of relevant products in a drop-down menu ?

4. OR, is it really necessary to have 50 different websites, one for each individual product ?

5. In the final analysis, it is the actual keywords that get ranked in Google, and not the website itself, not so ?

6. Any advice will be highly appreciated.



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jvranjes Premium
One good site is enough to generate a full-time income. I agree with others.

But if this is about adding a few products and let it stay there forever then multiple sites could work. Have seen such examples, up to 10 posts and sites are sitting there 3-5 years generating bigger and bigger traffic. But it may be the opposite as well, that such a site just dies out. I have a couple of examples of my own.
Mark1957 Premium
Personally I would definitely NOT go with the 50 sites option. Unless you have a team and a huge budget behind you then there's simply not enough time in the day for multiple, multiple campaigns.

There was a time a while ago when so called micro sites seemed to be successful but the engines want to see something more substantial these days so trying to get a myriad of thin sites ranked and then staying ranked could prove overly problematical.

Even 4 sites would be difficult enough to keep up to date with when it comes to doing all that's needed so I'd concur with John below and that's to pick your strongest niche and give it all you've got.

Then, when you have your first site established and bringing in regular commissions, perhaps look at your next one and build that in the time you might have left over after continuing to work on your first one.

The other thing is that, in general, its not the websites themselves that rank, its the content within them that you see ranking on the SERPS, ie if you write a great piece of content that's worthy of ranking in first spot, it'll be that which the viewer will see in the rankings rather than say the site's homepage.

Hope that helps Theuns, good luck.

ruthrobinson Premium
the answers below are the best, success comes one step at a time. Be diligent and you will grow gracefully and successfully one day at a time!
johnwnewman Premium
I would pick one niche and build a successful website before building out others.
I definitely wouldn't have 50.
GlenPalo Premium
Website content and user experience get websites ranked. Not just keywords.

Product oriented, ad heavy, affiliate linked mini-sites do not rank well in Google.

I would focus on sites based on a theme or concept.