I know that we are supposed to produce our websites on Wordpress platform :)

I will ask you anyways. I've stumbled upon https://carrd.co service and am intruigued to try it. They offer a seven day trial period to test all functionalities.

What they promise is a web builder hailing from your domain and producing beautiful landing pages with forms, payment processors and whatnot.

What do you say?

Does anybody have any experience with this service?

Pro Plus plan is $49 per year which doesn't strike me as expensive for 25 sites with everything included.

Thanks for your answers.

Ps: I am not affiliated with them and they don't have a referral program as far as I can see.

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mdmonkey Premium
It looks weak. It's not comparable to the power of WordPress.
Lemark Premium
True. It depends on what your needs are. For a modern responsive landing page carrd is more than enough. And Wordpress is way too much :)