I have noticed that my custom Native Shopping Ads will show in some of my posts but not in others. When I contacted Site-support they told me to clear my cache and try again, but the people who visit my website won't take the time to do this, if they don't see the product recommendations they will close the page and leave.

Site-Support then placed the code of my native ads on my widget area, and then the ads started showing in all my posts. However, I don't want to have ads on my homepage. This proves that there is a way for the natives hopping ads to always show, but I I can't all those ads showing on my homepage. Does anybody know of a way to overcome this issue?

Thank you.

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Borneoman Premium
If you put the code properly within the blog post, people will see the native ads when visiting your site. No worries.
elvalen1987 Premium
Thank you. Do you use Native Shopping Ads?

I have inserted the code properly in my articles and I have gotten feedback from customers saying that they can't see the ads in some of my articles. This defeats the whole purpose of writing the whole article if the customers can't see what products I recommend.