Hi, I noticed that my screenshot images look blurry. Is there any way I can get a better screenshot? One that looks clear, and easier to read.

Any suggestions? Thank you for your help!


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BrightSales Premium
I see you have a few answers from the other helpful members friend. All the best!
PeterN1843 Premium
Thank you very much. Have a great day!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Good answers for you, Peter!

LatinNomad Premium
As Kyle explains in the training try "windows button, shift, S" & then copy what you are looking to print or copy. I use microsoft paint then but there are many others.

Have a great day.

Warren-W Premium
After making the screenshot, you also need to make sure it’s png an de not jpeg. Especially if the screenshot only contains text
Triblu Premium
Hey Peter,

Personally, I find it best to take my screen shots on my Desktop (laptop is 2nd best) and reduce it to the size I need, so that I do not have blurry screen prints.

The software I use is: which I also use for recording my how-to videos.

If you take a screen print from a mobile device and stretch it to fit the size you want it to be, you are literally diluting the pixels, which will cause blurry screen prints.

Hope you find this helpful.