I have been debating this question for months now. I'm coming up on a year with WA and I really don't like the domain name I bought.

I chose it early on when I really didn't know much and now, after all that I have learned, I don't feel like it represents me well or the brand I want to build.

What is your experience? I know I would need to buy a new domain. Once I have things transferred over, would I still need to pay for both domain names in the coming years?

I have 46 articles on my site that I would like to transfer.

I still have pitiful traffic, so I'm not too concerned about losing people. I figured if a change was going to happen, now would be the time.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

Thank you!


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RikaSF Premium
I agree. Change it if you don't like it. I've recently wrote a post on my website spesifically addressing the domain name issue. You're welcome to have a look at it.

Not placing my post here but you can find a link to my website on my profile page under "Follow me on"

Have a great day.
heidiph1 Premium
I'll take a look at your post, thanks for suggesting it!
Dale123 Premium
The bottom line is that if you don't like your domain name, it's better to change it sooner rather than later :)

The process is pretty simple and done correctly there may be a drop in traffic for a few months but then it'll settle out once the move has completed.

All you need to do is purchase the new domain, point it to your website, then set up a 301 redirect from your old domain to the new one.

Test the redirect by making typing in variations of the URL and making sure that it redirects to the same location on the new site. Example olddomain.com/post-1 should go to newdomin.com/post-2 etc.

Tell Google your site has moved in Search Console once you've checked the redirects work OK.

Keep the redirect in place for as long as possible. The ideal is to keep it in place forever, but one a small site with minimal traffic, 1 year should be more than enough :)
heidiph1 Premium
I figured now would be better than later. I still don't have any traffic, so I'm not too worried about losing any. :)

I'm sure there are trainings on how to do the redirects- I'll be looking those up haha.

Thank you for sharing your input!
Lex666 Premium
I plan on doing this when my expires as well
Isaiah14 Premium
Hey Heidi,

I transferred domains earlier this year. I did because I found that it was too specific to my niche and I needed a domain name that was more broad in the content that I was blogging about. And the second domain domain was much better one - I too picked my first domain name when I didn't know much in the beginning, and never really liked it.

I haven't thought about keeping the first domain since I'm not going back to it. I just need to remind myself to turn off that "Auto Renewal" setting in my Domain Dashboard.

I hope this helps!

Isaiah 😊
Lex666 Premium
Great answer
heidiph1 Premium
That does help, thank you Isaiah! It sounds like I’m in the exact boat you were in:) I feel restricted and I just don’t like the current domain name!
I just wondered if I had to keep paying for the first domain because the urls are directed at it, but if they can all be redirected I would prefer that!
RamiSociable Premium
Hello Heidi,

Long time no see my lady and trust all is well with you all!!

Just before you jump from the pan into fire please consider this. The head of trend analysis at google has confirmed just in the last couple of days that your domain URL does not figure in ranking and as such does not require keywords. since it does not figure in the ranking it follows that it really doesn't matter what it is called either.

I know you may wish it to be more closely aligned with the business or a catch name only it really is not worth the effort or possible pain to migrate to a new site with a new domain name.

Just wanted you to consider that in the mix before you pull the trigger. The choice is of course always yours as you are the boss!! ;

The young one must be a real handful by now!! lols

Really good to see you, Heidi!!;

You all be well and stay safe!

heidiph1 Premium
That is a good thing to know, Rami! I will certainly take that into consideration as I weigh things out here. I really appreciate it!

My little one is definitely a handful! Luckily she's cute:)

It's good to hear from you too!
Thanks again!
RamiSociable Premium
You are most welcome my lady!! ;