I have the Astra Theme but not sure if it is what I need. Finding the Header a bit of a problem as it is so large. The pro version offere a bit more options but this business of choosing the right theme is throwing me. I have watched Jay's Video on choosing themes but really not sure even after that. I want a static page and a page or post where I will have all my product reviews. I will link blogs to the reviews from there. I am doing a niche in the health field on products and supplements that can assist with symptoms for a particular problem. I am a nurse and will include a lot of evidence based research. No hype and heresay here.

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feigner Premium
i have used astra and found it very customisable - the other one to look at is generatepress- very small compact and customisable.
what i have started doing is using elementor for the ultimate in getting what you really want - a pagebuilder you can use for free until you find that the paid version has the bits you want!!
this way you can have the header the size you want - with what you want - more of a learning curve but with the way it is going with the custom posts you can write in a standard wp editor in the backend while the custom post formats your post how you want it.
the other thing to look at is what the competition are doing- especially the successful ones - do they have a clean minimalist theme or one so busy that you don't know where to click.
it is difficult to make a decision and setting up test site to play with themes is a good idea - you can find plenty of lorep ipsum generators to create dumy posts rather that producing ones yourself.
and with elementor you can export the templates to use in another site.
good luck with your selection.
Dashnow Premium
Thanks for this information, this will help a lot. I am getting so bogged down in this I need to just move forward and trust my first instinct which was the Astra theme. I do want to go to the pro version, however. Would I still need the elementor if I got the pro version?
feigner Premium
if you start uing elementor then you do not need to go pro with astra.
elementor allows you t obuild your own theme as you want it .
so i you want a thinner header you control how large it is
the program has changed over the short time i have been using it.
now you can create your own templates for your site and write standard information in the back end and elementor will take care of the display of the information.
at the moment i would hold off purchasing anything until gutenberg mature a little, as i am sure it wil lhave growing pains with such a change.
put astra on a test site, and install elementor .
see what you can create with this page builder.
the last home page i built was filsphilosophies.stan-tech.com
all done with elementor on top of a theme, but you don't see much of the original theme- but i see it is generatepress.
i need to go on to create the post templates, but am getting there slowly.
Dashnow Premium
Thanks for this, makes a lot of sense. I started this venture with little computer skills other than how to use certain programs where I worked. I get bogged down with the technical stuff and this was helpful.