People are having problems to leave comments on my new post. After clicking 'post comment', a blank page appear and the comment didn't get through. Anyone face this problem before and know how to resolve it? Thanks.

This is the link of my post:

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jimk43 Premium
I have experienced the same problem when trying to leave comments.

What I do in this situation is to notify the member of the problem, open a Word document 'comments due to WA members' and copy and paste to it the comments I tried to leave cross referenced to the member's post link..

I also use this with members WP Spam Shield Plugin error messages that prevent comments being left.

I then revisit this document periodically to see whether I can repost the comments.

This process seems to work for me as I am not currently owing any comments to members!

mimosapudica Premium
Any expert can help before i send a support ticket? Could it be something wrong with the captcha plugin?
AnthonyMLM Premium
I just tried to leave a comment it does show a white blank page I would suggest send a support ticket to see if they can help resolve the problem your having. Good luck
mimosapudica Premium
Thanks Anthony.