I am using Aweber and have sign-up forms in a side widget and in the body of the page, When you enter 'First Name' and then tab to enter 'Surname', it goes to the 'First Name' of the other form on the page.

I understand that it is the tab order in the html that needs to be changes - all the one sign-up forms tabs being 500 series (500,501,502...) and the other sign-up form 600 series (600, 601, 602...).

I have samples of the required changes but do not know how to locate the html that needs to be changed. Can anyone help me find where I should look?



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feigner Premium
you need to be doing this within aweber - this may help
where you create the forms you should be able to change to html and change the tab order
have fun
rwagener Premium
Hey - thanks so much for the help. I was close but just couldn't quite get it. The link you posted was perfect - I followed the instructions and my page is now working properly. Thanks so much :).
feigner Premium
glad you got it sorted Richard.