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Joined September 2009
Hi W.A member!

You can call me Adam.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate with 3 reasons:

1. To learn internet marketing from the real experts (Kyle & Carson)
2. To make new friends (you & other W.A members!)
3. To make a LOT of money online (of course!) ;)

My favorite quote is "Keep Moving Forward"

I've a few skills that help me to make a few bucks online. They are:

1. Web Design (Minisite, eCover, Banners)
2. Script Installation
3. System Management (setting up products etc)

Online activities: 8 - 12 hours a day.

Last but not least, feel free to be one of my friends. ;)
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Shawn Martin Premium
Welcome to WA and good luck!
moneyguru93 Premium
You know what they say, success is different for everyone! But I just started and still learning, so ... I can't say. But I KNOW that I will achieve success! :D Best of luck that you do the same. :)
moneyguru93 Premium
Yeah, that would be great. And I'll be sure to keep in touch. :)
wealthymarketer Premium
Thanks moneyguru93!

I wish for your success too. :D I hope we can do something together near the future. :)...

Do keep in touch with me ok? ;)
moneyguru93 Premium
Hey! Are you having success? :D
wealthymarketer Premium
Hi MoneyGuru93... I'm not sure how to measure my success. hehe... What I know, I'm still on my way to achieve that. :D

How about you?
wealthymarketer Premium
Hi Guys!

I'm new here and I'm so excited to explore W.A Community!

My Dream? To be a wealthy marketer. :)