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July 08, 2017
Free Marketing Platform. Had an article on LinkedIn which got 433 views from one HubSpot.
July 03, 2017
My first sign up for WA!!!!!!!
February 18, 2017
I have never looked it up. I need to but I thought I would ask to get the communities info.Also Why are Backlinks important
January 15, 2017
Thank you anyone for helping with this problem. I use the basic theme I upgraded because there was an upgrade. I thought all was fine. I realized all my media was missing and if I add media it is uploaded but shows up nowhere. If you have any ideas about what happened or where I can find out I would greatly appreciate it!
I am working mostly on my parent-advisor website. I get a good amount of clicks for my amazon products but no one buys. I am doing reviews. I have had trouble with this for years. If anyone has any suggestions I would be greatful. Thank you Karen
I did an amazon giveaway and no one entered. Its kind of like having a party and no one shows up. I think the things I did right were email subscribers and post as much as possible to social media. Possible mistakes, 1. I was going to have people write a comment then send them the link.2. The prize was a book I would enjoy very much but perhaps not right for the audience 3. My social media posts may not have been engaging enough. I would love any feedback. Thanks
I am giving away a book by one of my favorite theorist and microbiologist researchers. Has anyone done an amazon giveaway before and if so how did it work out
September 21, 2016
The bad news is I lost my 81 cents. Even through I have been an amazon associate for 9 years. I did something againts their policy. So I called they were very nice and I have learned several things. One part of it was something I did not sign a year ago. One thing I love about creating websites as well as being a psychotherapist is they are both unmasterable. So another lession learn. The good news is it only cost 81 cents
September 19, 2016
I have had websites since 2007. During the first month I did make a bit of money. Now I am swiching my sites to WA and for the first time since 2007 I made 81 cents Yay
Somehow with my messing around with plugins getting my domain name etc. I allowed tons of people to be administrators on my site. I dont think they are part of WA. So now !I have 250 posts that I did not write and have nothing to do with my website. Do these people know they have posts on my websites? I do not think so. So now I need to get all those posts off my site and avoid new ones from coming on. If anyone knows anything about this catastrophy I would appreciate the help! I realize I am n