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Everyday is learning and is a process. Learning never stops and when it comes to working on your content, it is the same. Don't give up as we are all learning and it seem like a jigsaw puzzle putting the pieces together until you create that picture that your target audience is looking for. I know it is not as easy as one can say it or write here because it takes perseverance, dedication and hardwork. It may seem like you haven't made any progress, but if you been putting manhours into your wor
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It is almost three years here at WA. Time flies, it is just the other day when I was struggling to develop a business idea in the area of solar energy and sustainability eventhough i knew what sector i wanted to work in. With time, I have learned that when you have an idea and you are not sure of the details or the business plan, what really matters is "just start"- that's very encouraging because the business environment keeps changing constantly. You don't need a business plan to start any
September 11, 2017
Wow! time flies when you start to blog! It has been two years here at WA. I am thankful to WA for their continued support and for the tools and information that are found here at WA. The tools and information you find here are some of the best tools you can find anywhere on the worldwideweb (www). This is because WA has put together a course that allows anyone irregardless of their background to capture the basics you need to get started on your journey to inbound marketing. Before WA, I did n
It's 2017 and I want to appreciate the opportunity of building an online business here at WA. This new year I am working towards fine-tuning and focussing my online business in the niche. Although, I have found out that anytime we want to find problems and solutions in our respective niches that it can be a challenging task that requires more time, patience and more research. As for me, it has taken some time to identify a problem and its solution that could help my audience in making an infor
September 25, 2016
Hello everyone, I was just taking stock of the last one year that I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate (WA). It has been great to learn, connect and learn from experienced people here at WA and elsewhere in my niche related topics. I am still learning how to apply inbound marketing and to actually persuade people to buy my affiliate products or sign up to generate leads that eventually can become delighted customers. Everyday, I am learning something new and this calls for patience and patienc
Hello everyone, It has been nine (9) months of learning and developing my online business and I am so happy to know I am contributing to efforts of mitigating climate change while developing my online business in the area of solar energy. The skills and knowledge I have acquired in the WA platform is worthwhile, because I am able to apply it in my field while earning commission at the same time. In that period of nine months, my website has generated about 9 leads, but only one has decided to g
I would like to share my experiences of the last six (6) months since joining WA. It has been a great experience because I have learnt a lot about conducting business online. I would say; this is time well spent as every week I dedicate time to read, research and write blogs on my website as well as learning tools, concepts and strategies of online business or inbound marketing. At the same time, I have learnt to be patient as with any business things don’t happen overnight. I am glad to
It has been a month since I joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA). At first I was not sure what I was getting myself into, but after reviewing the getting started course and its materials which are taught by Kyle, i was very sure, this is not SCAM and as a result I decided to plunge myself and became a premium member. In the past, I had come across sites claiming you can make money online, only to search them on the google engine and find they were scam sites and many people had made bad reviews about