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December 25, 2020
Well, that's enough time trying to figure what their aspect ratio is for the photo. You can see my forehead, anyway.Oh, yeah, before I forget!Merry Christmas to everyone!!!No more updates, I'm otherwise pre-occupied until training here is up to date.Have a wonderful holiday!!!Les
Past 2 weeks not much to update, as a matter of fact I was just going to say no more updates until 2021.However, something happened last night. :-ORemember the YouTube shorts videos I talked about? Well, my exercise channel went from 50 subs to 149 subs overnight. Here's the kicker, one video got 69,000 views equaling 366 hours of viewtime!!! So, tell me shorts videos aren't important if you are trying to grow a new channel!It's just too funny, I was laughing for a good 3 minutes after waking u
Howdy folks! Another week has gone by, hasn't it?The word for the week if you are a YouTuber is, "#shorts'.My 58 second video here got over 10K in a couple of hours, with that came 80+ hours viewing time on a 58 second video!!! I also got 7 subscribers from that video.Unfortunately, my really small channels aren't having the same magnitude of results. The are getting more views than average but nothing like this one. Plus, $0.05 earning on 10K views is not like a normal video where you'd earnin
November 06, 2020
Yay! I remembered, as I was siting at my desk resting from my 30-minute workout.What have we accomplished this week? Of couse, we hit the 100K word mark but I did a spoiler on that already.Nothing from AmazonStarting to get a few clicks, no purchases, on my shareasale affiliate linksYouTube channels plodding along. Live workout videos are moving along nicely, or at least my workouts are, anyway.Decided its time to catch Roope on YouTube, we'll have to wait for the results in next week's update.
November 02, 2020
In case I forget on Friday, I thought I would share this as it happened last night with my latest BootCamp post.ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND WORDS!!!Well, lets get working on that 2nd 100K!Back to work!Cheers!Les
November 01, 2020
I keep missing my end of week update, lol.Its 'cause I'm busy.Friday night I was doing a 2-hour scary game live stream and Saturday night was a halloween meeting online.I've posted an additional 6x articles on my Bootcamp site since last week. I discovered I could put out a 1000 word article in about 4 hours at about the same or better quality than what I was paying someone $20 to write and taking them 2 days. And then I would still take an hour or two to transpose and edit what they wrote to t
Hahaha! That's a scary picture!Yep, I missed last week.Amazon's been slow this past two weeks, that's okay.Posted 6x single product reviews for Phase 5 Lvl 10; 1x Keyword post and 1x Keyword video.Streaming live workouts M/W/F and making progress physically and on the channel.Had a Saturday gaming stream where one of my long-time viewers donated $29.00, that was awesome!Oh, yeah, filled the punching bag base with 4 out of 6 25kg bags of sand, put it together and made a video of the process. Now
Better late than never!Completed a free training course last weekend so applying what I learned in marketing took precedence over my weekly update blog post here.This week I'm using social media to test what I learned before I spend money on ads.But, this is a weekly update about last week, so let's continue in that direction.Wow! $4.53 in adsense last week, somehow we got an expensive google ad placed on our site and someone used it. Maybe someone can explain how Amazon chooses to put premium
Not much going on this week, had a busy week at full time job and getting ready for the better half to travel today.Did publish 5x more videos on that new YouTube channel.Created Twitter, Instagram, and FB Page to supplement it for free advertising.Also, went ahead and created a website to complement the YT channel. Only posted one article on BootCamp site that leads to new YT channel.Participating in a 5-day free marketing class and learning a lot. Amazon only $.51 this past week, lol.Good mon
September 25, 2020
Hello everybody! This is my way to keep pushing myself and hold myself accountable.Another week has gone by and we are still pushing strong. The end of next week and October is here. I'm waiting to see what Kyle and company are bringing to us that will help enable us to earn 100 premium members in 3 months.That's why I'm pushing so hard, to get as much of the boot camp training done before then.So, let's see what we've accomplished this past week.We made training here on How to Customize Your Y