I have placed comments on several sites. The comments on only one of the sites show as pending approval or approved. I don't see any of the others. How does it work? Am I doing it wrong?
Process I have been using for all: Click the page image, then come back to WAS page and write the review for approval.
Thoughts, or suggestions?

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Francisco97 Premium
Comments we making on sites are not all going to be published right away because they will first evaluate it if it passes the set standard procedure of commenting, once our comments doesn't pass they will not publish it and so it will not be seen. thanks for sharing...
NPosey Premium
Sorry I am I do not know how myself.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - do you have a Gravatar account? You need one to be able to leave comments.
TheMarshaP Premium
Yes, I have one, and comments on one site (posts from a particular site seem to be the ones I see most) are there, but I commented on a site about tea and one about dogs, and those are not there.
DianeScorpio Premium
That sounds odd. And you were definitely in Site Comments and not Site Feedback?

Site Comments is where you discuss the particular post you are presented with, as though you were a genuine visitor to the website. It will be for publication.

Site Feedback is where you offer advice and constructive criticism to help improve the site. This is private between you and the site owner, and not for publication.