My domain email is not working, it's not receiving any mail

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Skighler Premium
I don't believe you can have a domain specific email with site rubix. You have to be a premium member and register your own domain.
TheTank44 Premium
I am a premium member and I do have a domain specific email with site rubix, all of the above has been covered. I went through the process of forwarding to another email address, but then a noticed that somethings that should have received was not coming through. So I sent a few emails to it and nothing. What is going on?
Pablo818 Premium
Hmmmm... I am experiencing the exact same behavior. In fact, let me be a bit more precise:

I can send mail out from the domain even to itself, yet my inbox is 100% empty as I can gladly say in this circumstance, my spam folder is empty as well.

Mail from external domains never bounces back with an error message, yet once again, my remains empty.

I wish I could help instead of adding coal to the fire. If i hear of a cure I will let you know.