I have been trying to cancel my membership and no one wants to answer, I send 5 emails yesterday to SUPPORT@ WHEALTHYAFFILIATE.COM, message privately Kyle yesterday to try to sort things out with my payment and finally this morning I decided to cancel. No one answer!!!!!

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bigbadjohn Premium
You are always welcome here at WA.

I quit once and regretted it immensely.

There is nothing else out there like WA.
This community is so helpful, and the training is unbelievable.
It takes work and dedication and persistence, which I didn't have.

I got lazy and I wasn't doing the training, but soon after leaving I realized I made a mistake. But now, I am committed and determined to succeed.

The owners Kyle and Carson really do care about our success, I was just a little slow in seeing it.

When I came back I was welcomed with open arms from this wonderful community.
Hope to see you back here soon.
Best of luck!

EJWeffer Premium
Thanks Bill.
ExpatMark Premium
Hate to see you go. We will leave a light on for you when you return.
EJWeffer Premium
Robert-A Premium
Simple to cancel

Click on your profile pic left of screen
Choose Account Settings
See Subscription Settings and click on Membership
Scroll down a little bit then click on
Stop Billing & Cancel Membership
Marley2016 Premium
To cancel you can follow these instructions: But is there something that you needed help with
that one of the members can help you :)
smartketeer Premium
You need to cancel your account here
EJWeffer Premium
Thanks a lot!!!!
smartketeer Premium
You're welcome!