it looks something like this:

i would like to put this on my website, where do I find this image?

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megawinner Premium
Hi! I see you got answers here. But always check the veracity of your information. Sometimes we get typhographical errors and sometimes your source is inaccurate. All the best.
JeffreyBrown Premium
The top one has the wrong Dollar amounts with the exception of the 1st month which should be $19.99, then $49.99 every month thereafter, unless something has changed that I'm not aware of!

Triblu Premium
Hey Kent,

Whose website did you take this screen print from? Chances are, the website owner created these buttons.

You could create one for your own use if you have a photo editing software, or even Microsoft's Paint... or... go to:
and create a button using this site and edit it in Paint to add the blue square with white text and the black text.

Hope you find this helpful.
Makinitwork Premium
Hi there, there is one like it on your dashboard screen upper right icon with the dollar sign $ under Links and Tracking. Its not exactly the same but similar. Thanks Jen