Today I want to discussion promotions, in particular the promotion of WA.

Often times folks have a tough time coming up with "angles" as to which they can promote WA. If you look at what is included here at Wealthy Affiliate, there is a lot. However, if you look at any item individually it is likely being sold elsewhere for MORE and BY ITSELF!

Let's look at some examples.

Want to leverage "hosting" related traffic. You most definitely can. Look at any hosting company out there and you can easily compare Wealthy Affiliate as a clear winner.

No hosting company offers..

  • a website builder like the one here
  • keyword research tools
  • live video classes
  • training teaching people how to make money with their site
  • authoring and content tools
  • website development classrooms

But these are all things included when someone gets a membership here. Not only that, we offer live chat website, 24/7 support, premium monitoring, state of the art cloud hosting, low density shared hosting, ultimate redundancy...stuff that even the most reputable hosts are not offering.

So you want to tackle hosting keyword and the industry in general you can. People who need hosting, need training, need website, need support...all the stuf offered here at Wealthy Affiliate.

How about another example...

The Website Builder industry. Most website builders out there are using "proprietary" software that does not come close to the Wordpress framework. Sure, some of them offer a "free" initial install, but not one hosted on quality hosting, with a full Wordpress install like we are offering here.

Promoting the website builder and the "free" niche website here at WA is a no brainer and you will be able to easily promote WA as the stand out in terms of a website service out there because...

  • the quality, unlimited hosting
  • the internet marketing training
  • the 24/7 website support
  • the unlimited access
  • the access to website experts and 1-on-1 help
  • the research tools
  • etc

Even The offer one free website, but they offer nothing else. In order to get more, you have to upgrade but you are not getting access to all of the "other stuff".

See where I am heading with this. You have MANY industries you can target, not just the Internet marketing/make money niche.

  • you can target the hosting industry
  • you can target the website industry
  • you can target any internet marketing/make money product
  • you can target the keyword tool /research industry
  • you can target the free website builder industry
  • you can target any local marketing industry
  • you can target the authoring tool niche
  • you can target the wordpress industry
  • you can target any related industry

The opportunities are endless and it is quite easy to make WA a stand out product in any of these segments, because frankly, they don't offer any of the other stuff.

Hope this offers some brand new marketing insight into the promotion of WA! :) If you have any questions, just ask.

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davehayes Premium
Now... after reading this, fully and relating to the comments made about the other items available elsewhere and having experienced these myself over the past 18 years, together with industries available for us too approach, there is only one conclusion to draw

There is nothing that has this...

We have our own business, with ability to earn an unlimited income at the same AND, learn a skillset that very few others will have

Summed up as the main page at WA says

We are ELITE marketing professionals.
ToLiNoLi Premium

Can you please place spaces between this Chunk of text?

It is horrific to read it like that, I would even skip it to read it at all if it were not you...

We want to engage the readers, well at least that is what you are teaching me in your lessons so far lol ;-)

You may add a cool photo too... :))

Until then, I cannot give you a like... ;-)

Just my 2 cents to this.

NannaGoosey Premium
Sat, Mar 24, 2018

Hi, Stefan.

I had the same reaction, lol. So - I copied Kyle's post, added spacing, and pasted the edited version below.

No cool photo, but it IS easier to read. :)

ToLiNoLi Premium
Oh wow, that was nice of you, but Kyle's job, he teaches us how to write blog posts and then puts up a chunk like that.

I bet it was a test to see if we remembered his teachings.

I did not continue reading the below and went on with my next lesson.

Let's hope he reads our responses here and takes some action to make a nice looking post out of it.

Stefan :))
NannaGoosey Premium
Sat, Mar 24, 2018

Thank you, Stefan.

I agree: it seems Kyle would want all his posts to reflect what he teaches in the trainings. In the chain of comments on my (roughly) formatted version of this post, we had some lively, interesting discussion about his possible reason for not fixing it, lol.

MsMerry Premium
It was done this way so you would notice just what you noticed and NOT do the same. Pretty clever, right? :)
ToLiNoLi Premium
well he is adapting this technique on other blogbosts too I noticed... maybe not that long but still there... :O
jrosenau Premium
This just opened my mind to more information to write in posts and reviews. Thank you for the great ideas. It's funny how you will run into thinking blocks when you wonder what you will write about.

Then I come on WA and open someone's blog or training and wallah you have you ideas. That is why the community is so important for everyone's success!

Happy writing :)
Belden22 Premium Plus
It took me only a few days here to see how much I loved what is offered and the way in which it's offered.

I'm still working through the bootcamp and have already finished the certification training and I'm just amazed at everything that is offered.

I still get a little confused because it looks like there is the niche website way to go and then the affiliate marketing website way which ultimately points back to WA.

It's great training and someday I will have a better understanding of this.

NannaGoosey Premium
Sun, Feb 25, 2018

Way to go, Rick: you're making great progress!

Best of luck to you!
MsMerry Premium
You are doing awesome Rick!! :)
RamonaLD Premium
I am promoting and marketing of WA to Baby Boomers. Since i am a proud Boomer myself, I want to let fellow Boomers know about the great opportunity they have here to earn income that they can use during their retirement years. I do try to interject a bit of humor in some of my posts as we in the Boomer generation cannot really take ourselves too seriously.