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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Sandy,

Just as a quick reference,

- 6 monthly works out at 39 US $ per month upfront $ 234.

- 12 monthly works out at 29.92 US per month upfront $ 359.

Both options offer a real saving and going for one or the other can be a real mindset shift we can just concentre on creating or expanding that business.

Just thought if someone upgrades midway through a month then it is pro rata.

FKelso Premium
Glad you asked. I forgot also.
keishalina Premium
hi Sandy -- good question -- looks like Chris has got Kyle's recent post presenting the new order page for you ...

hope everything works out, all the best, cheerio ... :)
LeeMcQuay Premium
Hello sweet Sandy. Yes, i'm pretty sure the 6 month premium would be annual. Just like the yearly, you just are committed to 6 months.

I hope all is good with you my friend😍

Lee Ann