I submit two posts in Google Search Console and here is what I am told;

URL not present in this property

Please inspect a URL in the selected property or change property.

What do I have to do?

As always your help is really appreciated.

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ceplang Premium
Thank you all for your help Site Support solved the problem.
Triblu Premium
Hey Claude,

Google searching the prompt you said that you received, I found the following Google guide: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/9012289?hl=en

Hope you find this helpful.
feigner Premium
i take it your site is verified - and you still have the code in your head section - using a plugin.
google may try to verify your site and if it finds that the code as gone then it may throw a wobbly.
it may just be a glitch - try to submit them again
or if it still fails then try submitting a post that you have already submitted and see if this goes through as a resubmission.
i wish you well getting this sorted.
you could try submitting your sitemap again.
BarbaraBC Premium
I'm not an expert but you can find lots of answers if you use the gray question bar at the top (with the magnifying glass). Here's something I found.
Hope it helps. Barb
Bald Eagle Premium
Looks like you are asking then to index it from the wrong site.
Once you have published the post go to Search console and make sure you are in the right site.
I presume you have more than one.
In search at the top left you will see what site you are currently on. That has a drop down list of your sites. Select the one you want. Click on it > that will bring up another box next to the one abobe > click on that and then click on the final box that appears.
You're now good to go
ceplang Premium
Thank you for your help, Lawrence. This is the first thing I checked and I am on the right website, do you have any other idea of what could be wrong?
Coraliej Premium
Yes I have absolutely made that mistake. I don't look at the site i'm looking at then i try to add the URL and it doesn't work.

Hope that is the fix
Bald Eagle Premium
Nope - sorry that is all I can think it is