how do you get to jays live training replays

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Harrysastar2 Premium
Hi, Gary, clicking on All on the menu will normally bring up upcoming webinars you can subscribe to and the most recent you can view.

If you want to view an earlier webinar and you know the month it was first made, make sure the Show Calendar is checked, go to the month and by clicking on the dates ringed in gray you can view the webinar. See image.
codevonish Premium
I am glad you got the answer .Are you following the training step by is very important you do.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Gary click on live events then select the webinar that you want to watch. After the live webinar, they are put up for viewing soon after
spankdee Premium
Go to live events on your dashboard, under websites.
CBeltre Premium
if you look at your menu on the left, go to live events, then click on past, then type in jays and they come right up :)

Connie B
Shweta10mg Premium
It’s in the video classes on left hand tab or menu .