When commissions start acvumulating, how do we get paid?

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tmaltz Premium
Hi Walter,

I want to make something clear here just so there's no confusion. Wealthy affiliate is an online training program that teaches you how to build an online business through affiliate marketing. The Affiliates that you choose can be anyone really that has an affiliate program. So that's who you get paid from.

Now if you decide to promote wealthy affiliate, then you would be getting paid from their affiliate program and I believe you have that question answered below here in this blog.

But please don't confuse wealthy affiliate as the source to make money online, it's not. It's the source to learn how to make money online by building an affiliate marketing business. They start with affiliate marketing because there's no risk in promoting somebody else's product. Later on you can add in email marketing, selling e-commerce product, creating your own digital products and selling them on your website.

The key Focus right now for you should be taking the classes and figuring out what Niche you want to specialize in and then coming up with a good domain name for your website. After that the focus is learning on how to bring in free traffic to your website (all taught in the course).

Hope that helps.

JKulk1 Premium
You've had some great answers below. Jim
DaisyK78 Premium
That question would be for the affiliate program you have joined to earn commissions I think
merlynmac Premium
Via PayPal. Go here and enter you information and settings under Payment Settings:

JCandWalter Premium
merlynmac Premium
You're welcome. Just to be clear, that's for commissions made here at WA by referring others or becoming a certified commentor, etc.

If you're referring to other affiliate programs, each has its own payment system and settings.
bobinzuks2 Premium
Yes this is true. Traffic = money it is just How you monetize it and the partners you use like amazon Walmart or the guy down the street