I want to move 2 domains that I own to WA; how do I do that?

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littlemama Premium
Hi Dorothy,

Since WA doesn't support .us, then I believe you're able to host them here.

You just need to set your nameservers to this with your domain registrar and then you can start building them with Site Builder after the nameservers are updated to:


Here's some training if you need it but you just do this on your current registrar: Please let me know if you have other questions, thanks!
Keisi Premium
Hola Dottie!

Here are a few posts that will answer some of your questions. Plus, Before you make that change you need to save all of your site information. Just changing your servers does not send the information from the other hosting company. That way what information is on the other servers that you have saved will be accessible to you to put into your WordPress theme. Please let me know if these are helpful or not. Thank you very much.

Best regards,

onmyownterms Premium
There are lots of additional details needed to assist properly.
1) Are there websites already built on these domains? If so, are they Wordpress sites?
2) If there are no sites on these domains, were they purchased within the last 60 days? If so, they cannot be transferred yet.
3) Are you aware you don't have to transfer a domain to host a site here? All you have to do is update the DNS at your registrar (where you purchased the domain name).

This is covered in the training as well as multiple blog posts - you can use the search bar above to find answers or respond here and I'll continue to help.
dottiej3411 Premium
The domain I purchased from Namecheap has a suffix of .us. When I tried to transfer it to WA, I got a message that WA does not support . us.
I will continue with the lessons and then come back to this question later.
Thanks for your help.
onmyownterms Premium
As Grace said above, you'll never be able to transfer the domain name. Just update the DNS at Namecheap to host it here