I have had some commissions sitting in my CJ account for quite some time now. It's over the $50 minimum and I have everything set up for direct deposit... But I still haven't gotten anything sent from them?

There are no pending commissions, it labels what I have as ready to be paid out. I have looked around online and have seen that it's around the 20th of every month when payments are supposed to go out?

If anyone has some insight on how I can get my payment, that'd be great! There isn't much info online about how their payments work. Thanks!

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JeffreyBrown Premium
I haven't used them yet, but I am also waiting to hear what you find out!

shermand2268 Premium
Here's a Support phone number for them: 800-761-1072

Here's their Support page - scroll down and email them.

Hope this helps! Debra
ColtonJames Premium
Thanks. I didn't realize they had a support number. When I've tried to use their support page built into the back office area, it stays stuck loading no matter which browser I use. Cheers!
YvonneBray Premium
Would love to know the answer too.