Iam adding an administrator to one of my websites, how does the new admin person access WA?

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Nice question, Courtney! Good answers for you, my friend!

Stay safe!

LindaF Premium
Hi Cortney its been a while how are things on the Island. To answer your question, Yes you can, but to be more specific are you talking about access to WA platform or your website. Because as you add someone to have access to your Admin it is all set out for you to follow the steps but I don't know if they can be on the platform because you are the member and they are added to admin on your website. To access the WA platform you need to be a member. I think Marion Black gives you your answer as a website Manager.
Dpiper Premium
I see you have been taking care of.
MarionBlack Premium
They don't need to use WA to access the website, Courtney.