Brainstorm to use Farmer’s Market booth to build Large affiliate marketing attraction to join Wealthy Affiliate

  • Booth at local Farmers Markets (low cost – usually $25 + % of sales. Since no sales, no additional costs.)
  • Signs to indicate Free build of website, blog sites, etc.
  • Laptop available to sign in and sign up (Single device, locked with chain/padlock)
  • Training posters to show ease of getting started, Training, security, uses
  • Easy booth setup, easy tear down. Minimal strength and stamina needed.
  • Text message via my phone, receive website to click to sign up.
  • Use QR codes for them to capture and sign up
  • Capture their email for follow up and encouragement
  • Smart Phone App to sign in to WA on the spot, always tied to My ID
  • Instagram posts that tag visitors and customers to provide a means for them to share what they have learned and maybe follow Me as well.
  • Ties person to your IP address
  • Need method to make sure all follow up is tied to MY id at WA
    • Using my laptop, or phone, sign in with email and name stays with me?
  • Better to have them sign on the spot

Still want to get my websites drawing customers and viewers, but this may be a way to begin to earn and draw people in also. I hope many of you are willing to share your insights, suggestions, potential issues, etc. THANK YOU

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AlexEvans Premium
What a great idea Patricia, thinking outside the square, I like it.
Another vector can be to post on notice boards, at the local supermarket and also shopping mall they have a notice board where you can post opportunities.
PatriciaWarf Premium
Do you see any issues anywhere in the plan? I thought I would talk to my local Puyallup farmers market this week and see about it. I think Costco does posterboard signs rather inexpensively. I like the idea of notice boards too. Maybe the local colleges too? I do not know the rules surrounding such things, but will learn! Thanks
ChrisShouse Premium
Love that idea :)
onmyownterms Premium
This is a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing it!