Really curious to know if any of the WA super affiliates who gone to Vegas, achieved 3000 sales in a calender year.

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Triblu Premium
Hey Midhun,

Every year, Nathaniel adds to his list. Here is the URL to this years list: Hope you find this helpful.
midhunvm Premium
Appreciate your help :)

I am aware of that list, but no one in that list
achieved 3000 sales.

I wonder if Nathaniel himself have achieved
3000 sales in a calendar year.
Triblu Premium
Check out Grace's blogs (aka littlemama) or search in the top bar for Vegas 2019 for the list of those who did affiliate marketing for WA only and reached a very high income!

The stories ARE here, you just have to look for them or have been watching for their posts telling their stories.

Jerry Huang is another member to check for his Vegas 2019 posts.
davehayes Premium
I'm sure there will be some, but those that did will be focused on building their brand, so don't be surprised if you don't get a steady stream of answers