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February 26, 2019
Yay! Finally on certification course #3. My path of progress is gradual and steady, and in this process I've gained knowledge and skill in the interesting world of affiliate marketing, and this is one choice that I'm happy to have made. In the past I thought poorly of affiliate marketing, which was based solely on reading hype regarding ethics. However, sometimes its hard to wrap your head around something you don't fully understand, but only hear poor or one-sided information about.My path ove
February 18, 2019
I recognize Wealthy Affiliate as a milestone, and a reference marker of significant change and mindset development in this next phase of my life. My start at WA was as green as it could be, meaning I had no experience nor knowledge in affiliate marketing, website building and blogging. I quickly found out there's much more to affiliate marketing and once you put it all into perspective, it's no longer overwhelming. My niche is natural organic skin care.At this stage of my training, I have learn