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September 20, 2019
After going through the training again, I finally completed all of the lession and homework and got finished with Level 2". Hooray!! Now on to finish Level 3 training.Thank you WA community.Virginia
September 05, 2019
Much to my surprise, I have been notified that two of the posts on my web-site have been indexed with Google! Hopefully the rest of the posts will be indexed before long, since I am still working on my web-site.I am told that this is good, so I will keep watching for other wonderful things to happen with my journey through WA.I have enjoyed my association with WA so far, although I am still going through the training, It has been a wonderful community to be associated with and I have made man
When I joined Wealthy Affiliates, I didn't realize that it was geared so much to blogging, as I am not accustomed to writing blogs. However, I have learned to put a website together (which I didn't have any idea of how to do), and I am learning more every day. I must say that the training Kyle's training is superb!!My website is geared to selling collectible figurines, and other collectible items that I own. I am hoping that I can become an affiliate to other sites such as Amazon. So far, m