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August 07, 2016
Hi! All my Wealthy Affiliate friends. I'm finally back after taking a break for one month due to the busy schedule at work. I'm a chef at a Japanese Steakhouse and you know the hours of working at a restaurant, it's 10 to twelve hour days, it can get very exhausting. But you know what I have bills just like everyone else. I have a lot of catching up to do. Where do I start from here? Can anybody tell me where I should start?Have anyone here at Wealthy Affiliate ever took a month off and come ba
June 21, 2016
It's been awhile since I've logged on to WA. With my busy work schedule and tedious hours at work made it really difficult for me to keep up with my website. I will be back next month and hopefully do some major catching up. All the hard work I put into my website will not be wasted. Stay cool and keep moving forward. "Quitting" is not an option. My Tuesday peace of mind. Take care "GUYS"Here's a quote to keep you movinMy Favorite quote of the day!This is my game plan!
We all know that traffic is the essential part of our business. As far as strategies for driving traffic to your website go, PPC, and SEO reign supreme. These common methods are highly recommended in your marketing strategy. But as a new and small business owners, you might not have the limitless budget and cash to spend on paid traffic. So what should you do?Create A Great Blog PostTry to create an amazing blog post. The blog post is one of the simplest ways to drive traffic to your website an
June 08, 2016
Are you feeling down? Do you dream at night that you will become rich one day? Are you a action taker, or just a dreamer?Quote:"Dreams Will Get You Know Where, A Good Kick In The Pants Will Take You A Long Way"
June 06, 2016
Happy Tuesday everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate. As I go through most of the training videos and Bootcamps here in WA, I still feel like I'm not making much money. The major problem right now is how do I get more traffic to my blog?We all know that traffic is the main ingredients to success if you want to make money. But how do we manage to get more traffic? Is anyone here feeling the same way as I'm?What other methods can we use to gain more traffic and conversions? If you're stuck, please as
June 03, 2016
So what is the number one secret to making a lot of money on the internet and generating passive income at the same time? Yes- Building a mailing list. They say "Money Is In The List" Opt-in page Automated email follow-up Sales funnel Training on social media traffic Creating landing pagesAll you need to do is promote a URL. That’s why it’s so simple for anyone to make money with it. It is proven even with newbies who made their first dollar online to experienced marketers making mo
Can someone explain to me why I have two referrals but no commission is shown on my stats? I had two referral from last month and no amount is shown.Is it because they didn't fill out their profile? It looks like these two signed up but really didn't do much. I have auto messages setup and sent to them with instructions and what to do. Looks like they're still inactive. Is anybody else experiencing the same issue because I would love to hear some feedbacks about this matter?Thank you, hope to h
Happy Friday! Ladies and Gentlemen at Wealthy Affiliate. I just want to share with you a little small, tiny success of mine just to help motivate you in whatever it is that you're doing. It's not much but it's a good start.So here is an example of how much I really made in a couple of days:That's with only 378 visitors on my site. Imagine if you have thousands of visitors coming to your site every day. It's basically a numbers game at this point. Many bloggers out there make $5000 or more a mon
WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY TUESDAYWoke up today, grab a hot cup of coffee, and got right to work! Checked all of my WA messages, answered 50 of them and felt really overwhelmed by it but I manage to pull through! I had a sign up come from one of my twitter followers today. Let me share a little story of where and how I got the sign-up. Twitter was not one of my main social media ways of getting traffic to my website. I only had like 50 followers ever since I've created the account. I was focusing
I woke up today, had a plan in my mind to write a blog post about AutoResponder and have a video to go with it, which I did execute. But little did I know that I had to wait three months to be able to create training courses or add a video to my WA blog post. All along I was thinking there would be a button to upload videos in our WA blog post. What a Big Surprised!Finished writing my blog post, created my video, and now I have to wait, "LOL" Anybody have any alternative route I could take to b