I usually publish 3 articles a week and my traffic is pretty steady throughout the year. I was wondering if publishing a YouTube video will provide the same benefits in terms of rankings than publishing an article. Will Google reward me the same way in ranking terms for publshing a video instead of an article?

I would love to have Kyle's take on this since I can't find what his thoughts are on this anywhere.

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AlanJE Premium
From what I understand from various sources, Juan, you could get more traffic from your videos, but there would be a lag time before anything much happens, and you need to plan to have a lot of videos to create momentum. I am hoping to embark on this very soon, Alan.
michaelvgATN Premium
Yeah they probably would, but then again the videos would need to be your own and nobody else's.

I hope that helps!
elvalen1987 Premium
Thank you for taking the time to respond Michael.