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Welcome to my profile. I am based in Durban, South Africa. My interests include online marketing, graphic design, Website design, veganism, strength training and calisthenics. Love Affiliate Marketing and blogging as well as being part of the WA community. Wishing everyone else here a success in their online marketing adventures =)
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Oba; mais um vegano. Boa sorte em seus objetivos. Espero poder trocar idéias...
sheiladane99 Premium
Thanks for the follow. I am already following you. I hope that WA proves to be everything you are looking for and that you meet with great success with it.
AnteroM Premium
Thanks for the follow, nice to meet you. Best wishes!!!
Thorhallur Premium
Hello VeganKZN and thank you for the follow. I wish you all the best.
cmjwood Premium
Hi Elton, Thanks for the follow, I will follow back. WA is an awesome community, very helpful people! You will learn so much here. I wish you the best. Cindy
JennsTips Premium
Welcome to WA. Thanks for the follow, following you back! Best wishes and success to you!
Gordon-D Premium
Thanks for the following Elton, and good luck in your venture with WA
Christene9 Premium
Hope all is going well. Just want to drop in and make sure that you had found your way around WA.

Quick Hint:

Do not post questions directly on your profile page because they will be missed if you don't have many followers. Rather use the "live chat" and connect directly with members who will give you an instant answer to problems you might have.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions - This community has some awesome individuals that will help out gladly.
CameronBoren Premium
Hello Elton. Welcome to WA.
Thank you for the follow!
Veganlife Premium
Good to see you Elton, welcome to this amazing network of like-minded people. A fellow vegan is always a nice added touch for me. Looking forward to seeing your sites
BelieveItYes Premium
Thanks for the follow! Cheers =)
cathylmg Premium
Hi! I just came in to say thanks for the follow!

Best wishes and success to you!

oggy1968 Premium
G'day Elton thank you for your follow and may all your dreams and goals become your successes on your journey mate
cathym924 Premium
Hi and welcome to WA. Thanks for following me. Best wishes for much success!
kudaonline Premium
AmberSubaki Premium
Hello there and many thanks for the follow! Wishing you he best of success here at WA and following you right back :o)

Warmest Wishes, Amber
CShepherd Premium
Hi Elton. Thank you for the follow. This is a very unique place. I'm positive you'll find something here that you need or want and I wish you all the best.
Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back
CRawlings Premium
Hello there! Welcome to WA. As I read your profile I see that you have some great potential niches here. You will find a ton of support here and I am wishing you the best of luck! And, thank you for following me! I will follow you right back.
suetay Premium
Hello Elton, thank you for following me. Welcome to WA. I'm still new here, but feel free to ask me or the WA community for help if you have any questions.
alexjysmith Premium
welcome to the team bro, I hope you like it here, and if you need a hand with anything let me know and I will help you out :) God Bless
janetto Premium
Hello VeganKZN,

Welcome to the WA community, where you can make connections with a diverse group of like-minded and incredibly supportive people. We have some common interests- online marketing, graphic design, and veganism (and although I have done strength training in my past, I need to get back into a workout routine). Maybe you can advise me there? Keep in touch, good luck and much success!

vikesys Premium
Welcome and thanks for the follow.
BigDaddyFred Premium
Greetings, Elton and welcome:

Glad to meet you. We are primarily vegetarians at our house and love to grow what wee eat. Also love foraging the woods for food.

Please pay close attention to the training and consult a lot with the one who referred you as well as others you will meet. This is a community of support!

Take your time and commit to spending daily time here. Anyway, I am sure you are going to find this a warm and sincere community. Let me know if I can help with anything.

Great Success to you
Contact me if I can be of service!
Thanks Fred. Everyone so far has been very welcoming. Glad to be part of the community here :)
Kyle Premium
Sounds like you have a lot of interests Elton, you can definitely take any one of these and create a business here at WA. We are all about turning a passion into a business and that is what our training is going to walk you through here at WA.

If you ever need a hand with ANYTHING, please don't hesitate to drop me a reply. Be more than happy to help you out.

PS. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!
Christene9 Premium
Allow me to personally welcome you to our Wealthy Affiliate family, you had made a wise decision to try out the program and if you use it wisely within the next few days you will learn a lot and also meet some wonderful people that will not hesitate to help you personally.

The most difficult part is always to TAKE ACTION and I strongly advise you to start with the "Get Started Here" section of Wealthy Affiliate as soon as possible in order to get the valuable head start that you need towards building an online business and earning money.

Just remember every day you sit idle is a day wasted!

Never hesitate to ask for help here on Wealthy Affiliate all of us will do our best to help.