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MADE IT TO GOOGLE 1 AND 1!My site made it to the first page first position of Google! Holy Moly! Happier Now!Also, my Facebook and YouTube has made it right below it! So I have the keywords working in my favor, now have to try to put some substantial content on my YouTube Channel. I am surely at a loss with that one! Not that into sitting in front of a camera, a bit shy.So onto YouTube 101 video content building education! So much to learn! So syked!THANK YOU WEALTHY AFFILIATE AND COMMUNITY!
November 28, 2019
Moving On Up!My site has moved up to #1 spot on Bing and Yahoo! Yippee!Also, on Bing my YouTube channel (I have yet to put content on my YouTube Channel) made it to first page right after my website, and then my Instagram in 3rd position! YES!On Yahoo, Instagram 2cd position, Youtube 3rd position!This is FUN! "Miles of smiles!"Google is NEXT!
Another Milestone Surprised MeThe beauty of an internet business is, that it does not stop when you do. It keeps working on auto pilot.Life took me away from WA the past month or so to mourn the loss of a family member. So here I am back and to my surprise upon checking my rankings, I had made some headway! I am here to tell you today about my Bing and Yahoo ranking reports.OH Happy Day!!! Had A Success!Needless to say, I was super stoked when I saw what had happened while a way. When doing a R
September 15, 2019
I am happy to announce that my latest site, (because I keep starting over, but this is the one I am sticking to now) has indexed on Google, Yahoo and Bing. But recently I just noticed my first blog post is now indexed on Google! I was so excited to see that. Nano milestones for a larger picture. Now on to the ranking! Onward and Beyond!
September 02, 2019
Just a quick note! Can't believe it, just overnight I made it back to the 100 club!It feels like an insight of what's to come. Dedication and hard honest work is going to get me SUCCESS just like that, overnight! It will come in an instant!Never stop until you get to the top, then just step back and enjoy your rewards. Then do it all again, better than before. Happy Prosperous Journeys To All!
September 01, 2019
Where I Am At Now... Time is ticking away, life is moving on, making strides and getting places. But....Life is a constant balancing act! I have now gone back to my tethered job after being off for nine weeks. Nine weeks of practicing my Laptop Lifestyle and boy did I love it!So, what is happening now, just trying to find the balance to keep my dream flowing! I am slipping on keeping up with my WA accomplishments. I fell from the 100 Club back into the 200 Club pretty quickly.Not as active in t
July 30, 2019
I went into my Network last night, to check it out, which I do daily. I like keeping up with everyone whom Follows me, to make sure I Follow them back as a courtesy.And something popped out at me, it wasn't the usual image of a face, puppy, leaves, nature, etc....It was something I had never seen? What is that, I wondered? Took a closer look and had to study it for a moment.Then I Got All Kinds Of Excited!!!! It was a Starter Referral!!!! What do ya know! I am really networking!MY FIRST STARTE
July 30, 2019
Aurgust 8, 2019UPDATE: My 100 club was short lived. Have creeped up over 100 again. Have spent less time around the community engaging myself. Working dilegently on my webistes. I start back at my teathered job next week and trying to get as much done as I can. Thank you all for the love and support! Seeya at the TOP!It is now July 30, 2019I was having a bit of a bad experience with a service that I had paid for, then I just said, let it go for now. I came back to my WA Dashboard and low and be
I was just reading through the Live Chat and someone had mentioned that they wished the 7-day Intro to Wealthy Affiliate Premium was 30 days instead of 7, for people who have limited incomes. I can somewhat see that, but what happens after the 30 days? Do you have another WISH for another 30 days? This is why the $19 for the first month is good to make that leap for limited income individuals. I think many individuals if they really think about it, could spend less money somewhere and come up w
Having dreams and setting goals to get to those dreams are very important!But first you need to see the vision of what those dreams and desires look like. It is important to get a vivid image in your head of what your desired life looks like. Envision it in your mind. Create an end result for yourself and construct it like a movie scene in first person in your mind.The end scene should just be past what you are desiring. If you want to have a million dollars, see yourself living as a millionair