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February 19, 2017
Just checked some of my keywords and I have already made it to page 3 of Google. Not bad for some of them only existing for 5 days.Onwards and Upwards!!!!!
A lot of people wonder how to add Adsense and other code to your header without using a plugin. Well, WordPress actually makes this quite easy.From your Admin portal, simply navigate to Appearance --> Editor, then click on Theme Header (header.php). If you have been instructed to add the code to the head of your site, find the </head> tag and place your code on the line before that tag.If you have been instructed to place the code at the beginning of the body of your page, find <b
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February 10, 2017
Well, I am nearing the end of the 2 certification course and have already accomplished a lot. I have created my site, created pages, posts, users, received feedback, and comments, given feedback and comments, helped people out with what I know, received help and tips, I am already indexed in Google and my site is coming along very nicely.Wow, there, I broke the cardinal rule and created a run on sentence. :pSeriously, I am really enjoying WA thus far and cannot wait to go
February 09, 2017
Well, it's been 4 days since I went Premium and I must say, WA and it's members are worth every penny. Major Kudos to Kyle and Carson for this site and community. Also, a big thank you to those I have interacted with thus far. You are all amazing. I was wondering if I was going to convert to yearly or not, so I waited until I could get going with the premium for a month or so. I have already decided that I will be upgrading to the yearly early next month.I am over half way through course 2
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February 05, 2017
Premium paid for and now time to learn.
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