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May 01, 2020
It is a perfect time to upgrade my subscription. We are all looking for ways to conserve and this a great gift from Kyle. During this time of quarantine, it has become interesting to realize that a significant segment of the population is two paychecks away from financial disaster. Now is the time to get ready for tomorrow and get your online business underway. The internet is not going away and working from home is happening everywhere. Why not work for your self! Wealthy Affiliate is the answ
Today I wrote a post for my Wealthy Affiliate promotional site. I decided to use an Affiliate link from the the top of the page and sucessfully applied the link. When I tested the link it opened the whole WA website with acess to account information. I could go anywhere in Wealthy Affiliate. Is this supposed to happen? I deleted the link as I was not confortable allowing the whole world into a subscription only area. Did I do something wrong? any advice would be appreciated.Trevor
March 31, 2019
Hello everyone. I have not posted very often as I spend most of my computer time writing content for my websites. I have had a very busy time since I quit working for someone else and I must admit that I do not miss working at my old job. I just wish I knew about Wealthy Affiliate a lot sooner. As I promote Wealthy Affiliate to other people I feel a real reluctance on the part of people to be their own boss. I read of the success stories of our course members and it proves that this business wi
December 31, 2018
Happy New YearIt is 1200 hrs here in Manitoba on December 31, 2018 and 2019 is 12 hours away. Time waits for no one and I wish every one a happy and prosperous new year. I am reminded from Kyle's webinar how important it is to focus and give our businesses the attention it deserves to make a profitable business. I know I have a lot of work to do. Get to work and do what it takes.Trevor
Merry ChristmasIt is that time of year and the excitement is building. Family and friends will join together to celebrate. What must be remembered is that it is a lot of work. Decorating, cooking, traveling and shopping plus maintaining your regular job. I think a lot of mummys get tasked with everything with little help. If you have pets here are some hints for a safe Christmas.The KitchenIn my house we have eight cats and two dogs. Accidents can happen when we are the busiest. With lots of tr
August 29, 2018
Home SecurityThe necessity for home security cannot be overlooked. Today is August 29, 2018, and this morning while my wife and I were still in bed thieves broke into our garage with the house being next. There have been many posts on Wealthy Affiliate recommending security of all sorts, from computer security, personal banking, and travel. Give your personal security some thought.This morning the thieves pried open a gate and drove their quad into the yard and then forced open the patio doors
June 24, 2018
Rescue Feral Cats – For The Joy Of ItNorbuFeral cat rescue is our cat lover’s way of saving a life, helping the environment plus ensuring there will be less unwanted kittens. There is definitely a joy in rescuing a feral cat even though it may not be much fun at times. So we rescue feral cats for the joy of it.Meet NorbuThis kitty had been coming around the yard several times and we decided to trap him. I used a live trap that we used to catch other cats and it is safe and effective
May 12, 2018
Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers, soon to be mothers and ladies of Wealthy Affiliate. Many blessings to all of you.Trevor
April 26, 2018
Today 26, 2018Today is decision day as I made a choice between going back to the workforce assembling Lawn and Garden articles at the local Canadian Tire or stay home and work on my websites and turn these into an income generating business.My wife Rachelle was excited as she stated I could get out of the house and meet more people, plus bring in some income.After lunch, I took the dogs out for their urinary relief, I noticed that the horses water was low and then Rose and Belle came for an app
March 25, 2018
Happy spring every one. It is sure nice to see the snow going away. Spring brings the new beginnings of plants, grass and plans for the new season. The geese are back and soon the pastures will green up and the horses will have fresh grass for grazing.For those that celebrate Easter its time to get together and spend time with family. Lots of great cooking. Be sure to remember the other family members at this time as well. I mean the cats and dogs that have their noses alerted to all the wonde