One hurdle a lot of new online marketers stumble on is writing product reviews. The question of "How do I recommend stuff if I don't own it?!" comes up a lot.

The good news is that there are a few ways to do this ethically, honestly, and in ways that can be extremely beneficial to the reader.

A widely accepted misconception is that you cannot review something honestly if you don't own it. That's far from the truth! I'll discuss why, and how to go about doing this in the training.

Product reviews are a powerful way to rank in search engines, and will be an essential part of many of our affiliate sites. But the truth is, you simply cannot purchase every single product you review on your websites, regardless of the niche.

So, how do I do this? Let's begin!

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KevenF Premium
Thanks for the great advice. Everything you have said makes sense from my own experience when I have been asked for my opinion on a product or an idea. My understanding from doing research (reading material from those with Phds) is that there are NO EXPERTS--only people who have studied/experienced more than you and can offer a better educated guess.

Keven with an "e"
anusuya1 Premium
Hi Nathaniell,

Thank you for your opinion on writing a product review. It is articulate well.
I am completely a new comer to a new field. I am working now on my 1st product review.
Per my understanding, review is a collection of contents from everywhere and substantiation of the material what is already known with your own personal expert comment. Your personal comments will show your depth and breadth of your knowledge and expertise of the product. The objective of the product review in the affiliate marketing context is teaching in an engaging and fascinating way and explain in a language so that any layman without expertise and mastery over the product will understand. A good product review will compel the reader to buy the product and you get a commission.
esteadman Premium
Hi Nathaniell,

Excellent article. My site has become a review site. My early non-review type posts and pages were not getting ranked but my review posts were. So I pretty much write nothing but reviews now. Many are ranked on the first page of Google.
Great advice for anyone doing product affiliate marketing. Write reviews!

kehaiz1 Premium
Overwhelmed. Go easy, understand your game, give enough regularly and be circumspect every time through researching more about your niche, and stay easy, under stand your game, give enough regularly and be circumspect by researching more so you will continue to go easy, give enough .....eventually you will see positive result. Waow, thanks bro.
GotGoods Premium
Well this is very helpful and provided the answers I did not acquire during the course 3 lesson 6 Product Reviews.

When I finished the video I thought there wouldn't be anything for me to review because I do not have any affiliate program partnerships yet. So, I reached out to the WA community and a fellow member referred me to this link.

Thanks for the clarity~
PoppaJoe Premium
Thank you Nathaniell.

I've been wanting to do a very specific product review site and there is no way in the world I could afford purchasing so many of the varieties of the product.

Now you have given me hope and I will continue my research and give it the green light for a launch when ready with more confidence.
RobinSxD Premium
This course absolutely floored me! This was actually a major issue for me. Like I would loose credibility in a way.

However, this made the cut and I am finally ready to head otu there and I even decided on a nische already! Thank you so so so much Nathaniell!!

Most sincerely
amexrn Premium
Hi Nathaniel,

Read this through Eddy's (w/a Y) link to your post. Great post indeed. I've learned so much, gave me also the confidence to write a review. I can't go on with my lesson at Bootcamp because I was having doubts if I will be credible enough to write a review but I guess with enough knowledge about a product it is possible.

Thank you very much. You are awesome.

Kind regards,
Arline :)
Kyoko817 Premium
Thank you for the great information on how to write the review. I am always struggling to do it as I feel I am not honest enough to write a review that I don't own. This instruction is really great that I will use it the next time I write the review!
klovato Premium
there is a lot to absorb, I find myself somewhat over helmed at times and revisiting previous lessons and tangent blogs and reading the messages from the discussion, it is a lot of info to download and process. However I am a great more knowledgeable than I was prior to joining WA. Thanx
CraigW315 Premium
This is wonderful. I will be referring to it often, as this has been an ongoing concern for me.I have avoided discussing or reviewing things that I don't have personal experience with for fear of coming across in a a fraudulent manner. Other members here have commented that it's fine to do so with some research, but I particularly like the way you have presented everything here.
NaomiT1 Premium
Thank you so much for your refreshing advice. In turn, thank goodness I have aquired the technical, research, writing, discussion board and forum skills through attending Colorado Technical University (CTU) earning an Associate's of Science in Health Administration Services (ASHAS). Therefore, joining Wealthy Affiliate is right up my alley, understands, and agrees there is a lot of fun work still ahead to learn and do as a newbie.
subra Premium
Very useful information. I have read this content several times. I can relate this to IT type products (hardware and software), or at least it is one space I think I can apply the advice.

For instance, use a trial (free) version if the trial version does not have too many restrictions.
Matstabler Premium
This is such great info, thanks!!! I'd love to know what other people's techniques of research are. I must admit I'm a bit higgledy-piggledy in mine. Need to be a bit more thorough. I have just done a review on an item I don't own, and on one that I do.
Wonderful training now I know what I am gonna do. I was thinking between 3/4 things but when you said if you don't have iy hoe are you gonna tell someone how to use it. Now I know I have it I have used it in my nursing practice for 28 years so I can forsure tell people how to them. You was a lot of help thank you!!!
Anmarie Premium
Thanks for this post. I had heard of people creating review sites for products they don't own/have no experience with, but I couldn't see how to accomplish it in an ethical, honest way.

I've also had a mental block with the "be an expert in your niche" statement that's everywhere. I certainly don't feel like an expert. I didn't know so many others had qualms about this, too!
Drawshot Premium
Hi, Another great article Nathaniell. Only thing I can think to add to it right now is to make outgoing links open in a new tab or window. That way even if they do surf off to look at the source, your page is still there when they are done so they can continue reading on your site,
SuzetteH Premium
Good advice Drawshot. I open just about everything in a new window.
Drawshot Premium
Thanks, yea, I just like to know that my site is still open and not forgotten. Lol I wish everyone did it, Sometimes I'll go off on a foray and then cannot find the original site I was on, and get aggravated as I really wanted to read more of their content, Thankfully there is that browser history that you can check for and then go back to a website.
SuzetteH Premium
This just happened to me yesterday Ed. I was on this new blogging platform and not one single page opened in a new window. I kept logging out of it and almost panicked because I couldn't remember the name of the sight I started on. Then I remembered about the browser history. It was a bit frustrating. We want our user experience to be a pleasant one. We want them to stay on our sites as long as possible.