Before you go and delete your WordPress default admin account, you are going to want to follow thes steps. This is going to create a new user account for making it harder for website hacker to envade your space.

Secure Your WordPress Default Admin Password Form Hackers

How to Create, Add, and Assign WordPress User Permissions for Your Website

  1. Log in to your WordPress Back Office
  2. Now click on user. It's on the left sidebar
  3. Next click on add new user
  4. Fill in your New Information
  5. Also, check the send email to new user radio button (square or round receptacle)
  6. Make sure to chose administration from the dropdown list
  7. Click add new user
  8. Go to your email where you have your website Admin correspondent sent
  9. Find the email labeled your username and password info
  10. Click on the link in the email
  11. You see the user password, remember it
  12. Click on log in
  13. Enter the username you created
  14. Enter the password they sent
  15. Click log in
  16. Once again, Click on user. It's still on the left sidebar
  17. If you click on the Administrator button, located at the top of the page, above the apply button, you will find the account you just created
  18. You can now delete the hackable admin account by clicking delete under admin
  19. You did great, now celebrate
  20. If following this step-by-step direction does not work, let me know

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PaulaSchmitz Premium
Don't we have enough security with SSLs here?
suzieq Premium
Hi Paula,
Yup I believe we do. I've never had any issues in years!!
Sruffey Premium
I went into my users do hicky in my site dashboard and discovered I had started building a email list. I don't know how but I guess I should be glad right. Thanks for the training, things that are good to know about how to do that, the right way. Please like my comments, thanks Sruffey.
seconds2work Premium
I'm happy that the tutorial has helped you. The list of user you refer to on your website is not an email list. That is the people who have signed up to be able to leave comments or get access to your blog feed when you post.

I don't think that you have implied permission to email them. But you have sent me down a rabbit hole, because if so, I've got a heck of a list built over the last 3 year.

I'm going to look into this topic more.
Thank you, please share this training with at least 3 people.
CarlaNavarro Premium
great lesson thank you for the information. Very useful for me being a newbie.
seconds2work Premium
Hi, Carla, thanks for checking out the tutorial. As a newbie, did you find it easy to follow and understand?
CarlaNavarro Premium
Yes I did. thank you
seconds2work Premium
Ok, good
BorisRoman Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing!

Wish you smashing success!

seconds2work Premium
Thank you, Bob, for reading my tutorial. Best wishes to you, also.
StefanieT Premium
Hi there, thanks for the training, very interesting. I noticed that when I click on 'users' in my back office I only have me as admin and that's it. Does this mean that I don't have to bother with the whole process you are talking about here? Thanks
seconds2work Premium
Hi, Stefanie. Great question, thank you. You should worry if you notice a user name 'admin'.

When you set up your WordPress Website, did you create a new user account for your self?

If you did, it is ok to delete the user named admin.

You will use the new user you created to access your WordPress site.
StefanieT Premium
Hi there, thanks for your reply. Yes I did create a new one for me so I will indeed go in and delete that especially as it's a security risk.

I'm glad I have found this out!

Thanks :-)
seconds2work Premium
me too