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WordPress Site Icon (Favicon)

Favicon is short for favorite icon and it's a tiny graphic that appears on each browser tab you have open. It's usually a picture which represents the website you have open in the tab.

Originally Favicons were 16 x 16 pixels but now WordPress gives us a new way to upload favicons and the size must be a minimum of 512 x 512 px. They must be square and preferably have a transparent backgound. PNG images are peferred.

Some of my favicons are shown in the video.

You will be familiar with WA's Favicons. The Favicon visible on all WA pages is the blue 'WA' logo and on SiteRubix hosted domains and subdomains you may see a blue and red icon. If you have a top level domain (.com, .net, .org) hosted at WA or elsewhere you can have your very own Favicon.

The links you need are: and

This is one instance where less is definitely more. Remember the KISS principle "Keep It Simple Sweetie".

Thanks for watching,

For more information on Favicons see my older tutorial What is a Favicon?

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bjdluna Premium Plus
I really like that a lot! It really does add a lot to the overall impression of the website if it goes along with your subject matter like yours did! Good Stuff!
MarionBlack Premium
I agree with you about the overall impression. Thanks for mentioning it.
Rich908 Premium
Thanks Marion
MarionBlack Premium
You're very welcome.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
You did good this time.. Well l you get all the time... But you hit on something that I was trying to remember how to do. I am moving my customers billl pay to one central site. I have many logos to choose from to make a favicon. Boy you people really love those free programs. I would just rather buy one and have it on my computer. Thank you very much. This is why you are my favorite WA person.
MarionBlack Premium
Thanks Jay :) Keep it simple and iconic.
kennick2015 Premium
Good training session Marion and very easy to follow from your video.
MarionBlack Premium
Thank you.
doomstock Premium
I'm glad you are clarifying this. Many don't know how to do this and I was not aware of the new size in WP. Thanks.....Jim
MarionBlack Premium
Thanks for popping in Jim.