What Are PLR Products?

Lately I’ve been involved in a few discussions centred around PLR. The question I was asked is, exactly what is PLR., and how can it be beneficial to my content creation for my website.

There are numerous ways to earn money online, one way is through blog creation. Sometimes trying hard to create article after article can be difficult to say the least. However, the process can be made a lot less difficult by the use of PLR products.

PLR is the acronym for Private Label Rights.

If you’ve been involved with internet marketing for some time you are likely already familiar with PLR content. If you aren’t familiar with private label rights, then it’s time you were. These products include several levels of usage rights. Master resell rights, regular resell rights, source code rights, and even more rights than you would have thought possible. It can be a bit confusing understanding what any of this means and how it will affect your bottom line.

For example, what does it mean when you get “resell rights?” What can you do with a PLR e-book that has resell rights? Sadly, there’s no official definition and there’s a lot of interpretation. This can make dealing with PLR content a bit frustrating, but the key is to simply ask questions when you are unsure. Make sure you always read the license agreement associated with the product to get the specifics and understand exactly what rights are available to you. Genuine PLR documents will always come with this licence attached to the PDF.

Some definitions that you should become familiar with.

Private Label Rights:

Should this be written on your licence, you have the right to put your name as author or creator. You are then allowed to resell this product. At times you will be able to claim copyright, but other times the copyright remains with the original owner.

Most PLR documents or products allow you to change the product itself. As an example, with an e-book or article you can receive it as a Word .doc file and then change and save it. Should it arrive as a PDF file you can convert it, make your changes, and then resave as a PDF file. In this situation you are allowed to resell the content or product and you have a right to any financial gain it may generate.

Master Resell Rights:

This directive gives you far more flexibility, you can resell the content or product, plus you can sell others the rights to resell these products. Sometimes you may even be able to resell the master rights.

Branding Rights:

With branding rights, you are permitted to put your name on the product then resell it. You can usually add an affiliate link if you wish. Master resell rights may or may not be included. We’ll just stress the importance of reading your licensing agreement since each is different and you don’t want to find yourself in a precarious situation.

Three Main Types of PLR Content:

Of all the resell types on the market the most profitable is the PLR. It allows you to sign your name to the material as if you are the author, put your company links throughout the content, and make the product appear to be all your own.

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BrightSales Premium
Before joining W.A., I had invested one year with a PLR company and I only download 3 e-books friend. That's a shame on my part. I should have downloaded more to create my own library of contents, now that I've read your blog. Thanks for explaining the different types of PLR and how to use them for our advantage. All the best!
JKulk1 Premium
My pleasure
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - one thing to remember with PLR, that if it is free or very cheap, it is likely to be years old, with out-of-date information. Especially if it relates to the MMO niche.

Like anything else, you get what you pay for.
JKulk1 Premium
Exactly, but they can give those with writers block something to work on. I have found many that are very relevant., Plus the cost of most are very minimal . This article is really about what you should be aware of.
Dhind1 Premium Plus
I definitely learned something here.

That last paragraph is scary. Having to use a link the seller provides is not something we want to do.


JKulk1 Premium
It's always wise to be aware of the pitfalls .
Bootcamp20 Premium
Yes, a link to a worm whole, avoid being hacked at all cost.
the8thorder Premium
Thank you for sharing this information! Will check this out.
JKulk1 Premium
Thank you for Reading
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Thank you for the invaluable information.
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