On the previous page I gave you an example of a specific focused down sub niche of the very broad niche of cosmetics. Choosing to promote makeup for African American women is narrowing down the cosmetic niche to a specific group of women. But even that can be more specific.

When it comes to cosmetics there are many different kinds. You have products for the hair such as coloring, curling, weaves, and conditioners. You have face makeup like lipstick, eye shadow, blush, toners, powders, eyeliner and eyelashes. You also have the products for applying said makeup.

All of the above are examples of focused sub niches of the somewhat narrowed down niche market of cosmetics for African American women. Even though the cosmetics for this demographics of women may seem like a more focused sub niche of the broad cosmetics niche, it still needs to be more-narrow into these smaller sub niches.


First let me give you the WHY. You want to break down the niche into a more focused sub niche so that you can become more of an authority. The strategy here is to become a Big Fish in a Small Pond, giving you a higher potential for earning revenue.

Whereas if you were to start out tackling a broader niche market you would then be a Small Fish in a Big Pond, giving you a lesser chance of making money because you are going after too many products. By starting out with a narrow focus, it will be easier to get your affiliate marketing business going.

When you are not trying to do too much at first, your website will be able to attract a more-steadier stream of traffic. As time goes by and you begin to run out of content to create for the product or service you are promoting, you can then begin to broaden your niche and attract more traffic.


At the top of this page I gave you examples for the broken down sub niche of cosmetics for African American women. Now let me give you an example that we all, or most, can relate to. The broad niche of Travel. This can be broken down in many different ways and you will have to make that choice.

So when you think of traveling, what do you think of? It is a very broad niche. So I would think about some of the following sub niches that are all associated with traveling by either car, train, bus, boat or air. Try and think about the products and services that people would need when they travel.

  • Travel Luggage – carry-on luggage, duffle bags, backpacks, garment bags,…
  • Rentals – RV, cars, motorhomes, watercraft, trailers,…
  • Food Necessities – food and beverage coolers, portable grills, food storage,…
  • Ticket Packages – senior citizen group tours, theme park entrance, events,…
  • Road Travel – GPS, travel games, auto rooftop cargo carriers, roadside emergency kit,…

That is just some of the sub niche markets you could target for the broader niche of travel. Perhaps you could think of several more sub niches. Basically what I did is take the niche of travel and think of all the associated products that most of us have used when traveling.

NEXT UP = More examples of popular niche markets

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DavidMG1 Premium
hi bloomergp08,
whoa, ive been banging my head trying to understand the meaning of a niche, and its 00:45 in the morning and i just read your article. and its finally hit me. you have explained it in such a simple way, even a thicko like me can understand it lol. not only have i understood it. i even did an example ie. i drew a simple house shape and with arrows going out 1 was named bedroom another named lounge etc etc last was garage. the i took each example ie the kitchen then i named all the sub niches in the kitchen, ie fridge,cooker etc etc. i settled for something in that house as my niche. my acheing head is now cured thanks to you.

ps I'm so following you now.
thanks again
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome David and you did a really good job at discovering the sub niches of the home/house niche.

You just need to take the broad niche and break it down into the smaller sub niches that are associated with it. And if possible break the sub niche down again.

Not all sub niches can be broken down. But here is a broad niche that can be broken down many times. The Automobile niche.

Sub Niches...

Muscle Cars -> Chevrolet -> Corvette -> Classic Corvette -> After-Market Chrome Products

The After-Market Chrome Products for classic Corvettes would be my final focused down niche dealing with products like bumpers, bumper guards, wheels, mirrors, shift knobs,...
JohnWest1 Premium
Your "house" example is perfect.

Anyone can understand the concept.

Great post!
HPearson Premium
Hi Boomer, I have a very broad "caring for a senior dog" niche. On my website can I create small focused "niches" instead of having to create new websites?

For example - dog beds for small dogs as a niche will have a category and a page. The same can be done with another niche such as wheat free canned senior dog food.

Thanks very much.
boomergp08 Premium
If these small focused niches all pertain to senior dog care, then yes you can do that. Not a problem.
NWTDennis Premium
Very comprehensive niche training Robert. But the EOD the challenge of being viewed as an "expert" in a any micro niche comes back to generating a steady stream of relevant posts.

For example ... I've become fairly decent using my desktop computer, but I don't consider myself a "Computer Geek". So how would I compete with the Geek competition in say the "Computer" micro niche you listed ... USB flash drives?
boomergp08 Premium
You do not need to be a computer geek to compete. You just need to provide the information that people are seeking in your respective niche.

Though you may never out-perform the computer geek, does not really matter. You do not need to out-perform but rather provide enough information to share in the revenue stream for that particular niche market.
JohnV Premium
Someone once told me to remember, that if you know 5% more than I do about a subject, you are as good as an expert
boomergp08 Premium
That sounds about right.
norman t Premium
Thank you Robert, what a great keywords tutorial! Extremely well explained. This will help so many of us WA’ers, going forward.

Also, I just begun keyword research in the “how to detox” niche and I have a question: How can I keep all of the “soon to be many” keywords organized?
I know that some people use excel, google docs, etc. If I could just see an example of how this should be organized it would be extremely helpful. Hope you can help me.
boomergp08 Premium
If you are using the WA keyword tool you can always just save your selected keywords to a list and just name the list accordingly.
norman t Premium
Thank you Robert, I will.

Just one other thing: What tool can I use to generate lots (batches) of long tail keywords?
boomergp08 Premium
I am not sure of any tool that is available. I just come up with them on my own. A long tail keyword is generally any keyword that is three or more words long.
norman t Premium
Ok, thanks
philaccardo Premium
Hi, Boomergo:
After reading your tutorial, I realize my site needs badly to become a niche. Now it is just a generalist site on natural remedies for serious diseases But, because I get no comments and no subscribers I think I have to transform it into something more specific, more focused on one or other aspects of natural healing.
I came to the conclusion that perhaps people with serious diseases are so seriously sick that do not have energy enough left to spend time reading about how to heal from them or do not give a damn any more.
So if none cares about healing naturally, perhaps I should spare my efforts to provide real help and write just on herbs or some other sub niche like herbs for a specific purpose (like herbal product that appeal to the vanity of women (like wrinkle fighters, breast enhancers, and similar)
And then I need to find a manufacturer of serious herbal products to affiliate with (now have none)
Please advise.
boomergp08 Premium
Do not focus on the broad niche of natural healing, it is too broad. Yes, you should focus on one specific aspect of natural healing and there are a lot of affiliate programs available to choose from no matter which sub niche you focus on.