The countries not permitted to sign up for the free trial

Updated 04/04/2018 with the official list from site support

Updated 08/08/2018 with the official list from site support

  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Nigeria

Apparently there is an abundance of spam and fraud coming from these countries so in order to protect us all here and Wealthy affiliate itself these countries cannot join as a free member nor can they have the discounted first month but they can join directly as a premium member if they really are serious about learning how to build a successful business online.


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celiacman Premium
Thank You
I never knew all countries were not permitted to take advantage of WA, I feel so lucky to be able to take advantage of WA and feel sorry for those who can't.
Shwni Premium
I know right, its just a shame that people spoil this great opportunity for others who really want to learn
Zarina Premium
Great tutorial, Matt, thanks for letting us know.

I was aware of about 4 countries that are excluded from joining as a free member but you've combined all the puzzles for me - thanks. :)
Shwni Premium
No problem at all, glad i could help :)
Lazyblogger Premium
Thanks for the list Matt. Kyle and Carson must have given this some serious thought to come up with such a list. I will leave it to the expert, they know best. Thank you for pointed out that though.

Make it a great Weekend!
Shwni Premium
No probs, they certainly know what they are doing. you have a good one.
mybiz4u Premium
Thnx, Matt.
Shwni Premium
Pleasure :)
kdhall Premium
This is AWESOME! I've had some people ask why they couldn't join as a free member - and this explains it all! I've even asked in the chat room a couple times, but no one could tell me why others couldn't join when they tired (as a free member!)
This is great information, especially when using targeting ad campaigns!
Thanks so much for this - it clear a lot of questions up! :)
Shwni Premium
Yes it was a problem for me also with ad campains so i thought i would do this